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Electroplated Diamond CBN Mounted Wheels + Pins

Electroplated Diamond & CBN Mounted Wheels & Pins.
Manufactured with a single layer of superabrasive grain held on the wheel shank by an
electroplated nickel bond. Unlike other conventional and superabrasive wheels, these
wheels are not periodically trued or dressed. Consequently, their performance during
grinding varies significantly as the wheel wears down and its topography changes.

One of the crystalline forms of carbon. It is historically known as a gemstone, however,
it is the physically hardest substance known and is now widely used as an abrasive in high
productivity tools in industry. Diamond also has other remarkable physical properties

Cubic Boron Nitride is the second hardest known material, diamond being the hardest.
Unlike diamond, CBN is not found in nature, but is a manufactured material. The abrasive
particles are synthesised under conditions similar to those used to produce synthetic
diamond. In grinding wheels and other tools it is used to machine hard, mainly ferrous metals
in the automotive and aerospace industries. Cubic Boron Nitride is also used to manufacture
polycrystalline products.